Sell First. Then Build.

Each week we dig into the science of Sales to turn you into a selling machine (you will also learn how to validate ideas with little or no cost to achieve professional freedom ). 3 min/weekly reading that will save you years of learning the hard way.

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Ebook: The Lean Proof Of Concept



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The Ultimate Guide to validate your ideas while working at your 9-5

Idea Validation Stage

Experimental mindset activation

Cost reduction to zero in the validation phase

Sales Automation

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Sales Mastery Incubator: Level-up your Sales Game (for Sales people)



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Are you ready to unleash your full sales potential?

How to adopt a badass attitude.

Mastering cold calling

How to build an irresistible offer.

How to automate sales.

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CSOaaS - Chief Sales Officer as a Service (for Startups and SMEs)



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Unleash Your Company's Sales Potential!

Provision of a dedicated Sales Manager (Full Sales Cycle)

ICP Definition

Sales Cycle and Sales Funnels creation

Sales Team Training

Our mission

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Make Entrepreneurship Accessible

With our philosophy "Sell First. Then Build", you will learn how to validate ideas at no cost.
It's your opportunity to make your dreams come true, going from your 9-5 to an entrepreneur progressively, minimizing costs and risks. You have an entrepreneur within. Let it bloom.

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Make you become a selling machine

Sales are becoming more complicated, and competition is becoming more aggressive. Don't be left behind.
Create your sales dept from scratch or apply in your company the sales tactics and processes that the largest Startups in the world apply in their business expansion.
Take your sales game to the next level.

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Elevate Your Company's Sales Strategy

Our exclusive CSOaaS is tailored specifically for startups and SMEs, providing essential tools, systems, and strategies to ignite your journey towards sales excellence.

Access all our FREE webinars.

Discover great content to grow your skills in all areas of your idea or Startup. Advice on idea validation, sales, marketing, leadership, fundraising... all in one place.

Who is behind?

John Doe

Carlos Iborra

A highly experienced sales coach with a proven track record in helping B2B companies achieve their sales goals.

An expert consultant who specializes in providing guidance and support to entrepreneurs, helping them succeed in their business ventures.

And a skilled idea validation bootcamp trainer, who empowers entrepreneurs by helping them validate their business ideas and turn them into successful ventures.

You can check Carlos's story in more detail in the Q&A section.

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300+ Entrepreneurs

100+ Sales Coachings

250+ 5 Star Reviews

50+ Free Webinars

and counting...


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What is Carlos's story?

After 17+ years in entrepreneurship ventures and collaborating with largest multinationals and Startups, here's the story behind Carlos:

- Took several Startups from idea to monetization phase.
- 100M+ in Sales.
- Led teams of 40+ people in large multinationals guiding them to joint success.
- Created sales processes from scratch, overachieving sales quota in most of the quarters.
- Hit historical profit records per quarter in several companies as AE.
- Sales Top Performer in a Startup Unicorn in 2023.
- Averaged 60+ meetings booked per month as BDR.
- Helped 100s of entrepreneurs achieving idea monetization phase.
- Selected as Top 10 Food-Tech Startups in the world in 2017, by Startupbootcamp.
- Selected as Top 50 Spanish entrepreneurs in 2018, by “Entrepreneurs”.
- Sold 100s online courses with 5-star reviews and testimonials.
- Published "The Lean Proof of Concept" Ebook.

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